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Oil Painting Mediums in general.

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Painting Mediums

First of all let's look at what painting mediums are.
Oil paint can be used 'as is' straight from the tube, but it's not always possible to make the paint move and behave as you would like it to. It is usually too thick or too soft on leaving the tube.

To help oil paint move we need a 'vehicle', this usually takes the form of a solvent or painting medium that is mixed with the paint from the tube.

The various painting mediums have qualities or characteristics of their own, which they give to the paint they are mixed with.
The qualities are usually in the form of - thinning the paint; softening the paint; levelling out the brush strokes; making it a glaze; speeding the drying; thicken the paint; slow the drying; giving it a gloss finish or combinations thereof. Therefore many different qualities are given to the paint by the painting medium.
Painting mediums are often made up of three components, but it can be more or less, these are - a solvent, oil and a varnish.

To ensure the painting will have structurally sound layers the 'fat over lean' principal needs to understood and followed.

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