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About Zest-it® Glazing Medium

Use to add coloured glazes to an oil painting.

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Zest-it® Glazing Medium

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Glazing, in oil painting, means adding a very thin layer of transparent colour over an already dried area. To make a glaze it is important that the liquid is thin, the thinness depends on the application and preference.

The Zest-it Glazing Medium is a mixture of Solvent, Linseed Stand Oil and Gum Damar.

It's a thin, slightly translucent fluid that dries clear and glossy. A small amount of transparent oil paint is added to the Glazing Medium to make the desired colour. Best applied with a soft haired brush to a dry painting, excess medium can be removed with a cloth or kitchen towel.  

Layers of colour are built to the desired result, each being allowed to dry before further applications. Best results are often obtained over a light coloured background, because the light reflect off this, through the layers of glaze, giving the finished result a certain luminosity. 

Always best to test before applying to a painting.

Sizes available - 50 ml; 125 ml; 250 ml and 500 ml..

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