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The Zest-it.com website is an information only site, if you need information about Retailers or Zest-it Stockist please see the Stockist pages.
Or you can contact us between 10.00 am to 1.00 pm Monday to Friday 
Phone: +44 (0) 116 2341001 
or  support at zest-it dot com
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Zest-it Retailer and Trade Enquiries

Zest-it products are not sold from this website,
please see the Stockist pages for International, UK Retailers and Mail Order suppliers.
To search by county or area please visit www.zest-it.info
You can also purchase from us in our online shop or Telephone +44 (0) 116 234 1001



Q. Are your products REACH registered?
A. Yes, all the requirements are fulfilled.

Q. Are your products free from animal testing?
A. Yes, Our manufacturers/suppliers have declarations that no animal testing is used.
Many of the elements of our products have been around for an exceedingly long time,
have proved their worth and no further testing is necessary.

Q. Are your products vegan?
A. Yes. We do not offer products that contain animal by-products.

Q. I am pregnant can I use your products?
A. Yes. There is no evidence of toxicity to reproduction or the unborn.

Q. Can I throw used product down the sink?
A. No! It is the users responsibility to dispose of used product in safe manner
 (see bottom of this page for Disposal)

Q. Can you tell me the county of origin of your products?
A. Yes. The UK

Q. Can you tell me the country of origin of your materials?

A. We have many materials that come together to make the whole product,
we source these from different suppliers and we do not share this information.

Q. Do you use ethical suppliers/manufacturers?
A. Yes. Like us, our suppliers are specialist, ethical companies, with an environmental focus.

Q. Are your bottles plastic?
A. Yes, they need to be a special type of plastic to hold the product, however they are recyclable.
Where possible the user should recycle the container.

Q. Do your products have high VOC?
A. No. Our product have low or no VOC's.

Q. Are your products harmful to the environment?
A. Not unless disposed of irresponsibly by the user.

Q. Are your products ozone friendly?
A. Yes.  They do not contain CFC's or Aromatics.

Q. Are your products biodegradable?
A. Yes. Our products are biodegradable.


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