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Zest-it® Acrylic Brush Cleaner Video

The Zest-it® Acrylic Brush Cleaner has received much praise for bringing brushes
stiff with Acrylic paint back to life - some say the brush saver!

The video below gives a full description of cleaning acrylic stiffened brushes.

  Transcript of the video.

I'd like to introduce you to our Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner and Reviver, its non-toxic, environmentally friendly and washed out with water, very easy to use.
In order to show you how it works, first of all I need to put some acrylic on our brushes.

I have a selection here of acrylic paint and acrylic inks, so we'll take our brushes, wet them with paint, leave them to dry and then see how good our Acrylic Brush Cleaner works.

Lets start with some paint, if we put a little bit out on our disposable palette and we take our Sable brush - I'm testing Sable, synthetic and a dip pen nib. Put it into the paint and work it into the brush. I'm going to load all these brushes with the different paint and then putting them aside and leaving to dry, the we will come back and see.

Fast speed as the brushes are loaded with paints and ink 1.36.

OK, well our acrylic paint has now dried on our brushes. I need to decant some of our Acrylic Brush Cleaner into a separate pot, makes it easy to use.

Now you don't want too much, because you only want the liquid to go onto the bristles of your brush, you don't want it going way-up the handle, because being acrylic it can affect the paint on the handle of the brushes - which is not what you want - so just a small amount like that.

2.20 Now, each one of these relates to its colour, so just put the brush into the liquid, let it soak into the bristle and you can actually see the Acrylic Brush Cleaner affects the acrylic that is actually on the bristles. Swish it around a little bit, take some kitchen towel (wipes brush on kitchen towel) and immediately the bristles split as you press then on the towel, the acrylic has started to work.
Do the same thing again, swish it around to help it get into it, (swishing it around) now the acrylic is much softer (fold the towel over the bristles) press on the bristles, then pull it out and you're pulling off the softened acrylic.
 Doing it this way is kinder to the bristles of these brushes especially as this is a Sable mix, so you don't want to treat then rough with them.

See how much we are getting out.
You'll probably need to do this - depending on the size of the brush and how much paint its got in it - quite a few times. As it softens you can push it against the side of the pot. You can see for yourself the paint coming out - just gently - too much pressure and you will break the bristles.

4.20 Acrylic comes off in different way, as you can see this is all forming into little balls, other bit of it come of stringy and although they are all make with a similar product, they all behave differently. As you can see, just clinging on where it is really hard. Give it another wash, just gently, well not far off now.

5.20 Video runs at fast speed as the remaining brushes are cleaned.

Now this one is really, really stiff, if you keep doing that to it (bending the bristles) you will crack those bristles. Just gently, gently, but if you've got something like this disposable palette, better then rubbing it into the bottom of the actual pot that you are using - because bristles with the longer length-out  make it difficult, instead, just gently, roll it against the palette itself.

5.58 Speed cleaning of liners, round, flat brushes and dip pen nib.

6.27 Right, these are our rigger brushes, now this one, I'm sure we've all got brushes that look something like that! Stiff as a board. I'll resurrect that one last!

6.40 Speed cleaning of Rigger brushes.

6.50 Now then, lets see if we can revive this poor thing.

7.13 Well its clean, its revived, but unfortunately it's still bent!

All of these brushes have been cleaned with the Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner, to keep them good, clean and tidy, give them a wash, so I'm going to swish them all in this bowl of water, you could do it under your kitchen tap or just like this - dry them all off on kitchen towel.

Now here, I've got a bar of ordinary household soap - Imperial Leather actually - clean them with this, so I rub my brush on it, rub the brush onto the palette, make sure its nice and clean, rinse in the bowl of water and put aside to dry. I'm going to do that with all of these. You can see for yourself that there is no acrylic colour coming out.

8.22 fast speed washing and drying the rest of the brushes.

Our resurrected one - make the lather nice and stiff, as firm as you can get it as it will help to bring the brush back into shape - it doesn't always work, but its worth a try - he's better than he was!

So, there we have it, that's our Acrylic Brush Cleaner and as you can see its brought all those different brush heads with filaments of Sable, synthetic and bristle back to life.

9.40 exit and thank you for watching.

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