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wild roses painted on canvas   Wild Roses painted in Oils.

This painting of Wild Roses, which incorporates a single turned petal, amongst the rest in three quarter view, was painted from buds to larger and larger flowers.
The leaves were painted with a 1/4" One-stroke Flat brush and are very representative of rose leaves.
The oil colours used were, Permanent Geranium, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White and Ivory Black. Zest-it Clear Painting Medium was used to make the paint flow and to enable delicate blending of colours.
The canvas was given a coat of black gesso, which was allowed to dry before starting the painting.
Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutand and Brush Cleaner was used to clean brushes and equipment.
Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1996.

A simple Tole leaf, painted step-by-step can be found on my personal site in the painting techniques section


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