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Traditional Tole Painting

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Tole Tea Trays - painted between 1700 and 1900.

Tole Tea Trays

tole tray about 1850

A Papier-mâché Tole tea tray made in the Black Country about 1850. 
The central painting is of a river landscape with a castle in the background and painted with oil paint on a Japanned Black background.
The outer edge of the tray is Gilded and the whole tray has been well varnished for protection.


  (Visit  www.canaljunction.com/folk.htm for more of the work of Tony Lewery and our thanks to him for the use of these images)  

tole tray late 1700

Different style, shape and decoration of this Tole Tea Tray from the late 1700's.
Oil painted central floral design, typical of pottery and furniture decoration of that time,
with the pattern repeated around the outer edge and scroll work around the central area.
The Gilding is also around the central area and the edges of the tray.


part of tole tray 1750

Taken from a Tole Tea Tray thought to be dated about 1750.
A much simpler design with flowers shown to be in a typical metal stove pot design of that time.
Painted with oil paint, varnished and un-gilded.

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