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Tole Rose - Rose painted with oil paint using a one-stroke brush technique.

Tole Rose

For most Tole painters this type of Rose is the bench mark of one-stroke brush painting.
This Rose was painted using Oil paint and on a 'gesso'ed' surface.
Zest-it Clear Painting Medium was used to bring the oil paint to the correct consistency for stroke work.

The Rose was painted first using a 1/2" one-stroke brush, this was double loaded with Vermillion and White. The buds were next, followed by the leaves. The tendrils and filler bits came last.

Three brushes were used, a one-stroke flat, a round and a rigger. Apart from the line work, all the brushes were double loaded.
Oil paint colours used; Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Paynes Grey, Ivory Black, Vermillion or Ruby Red.

Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1995.

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