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The Tole Gallery is a selection of painting using Oil paint - many with instructions.

Click each small Painting to view a larger picture.

tole stroke design This design incorporates most of the single strokes, double loading and blending techniques used in Tole painting. tole daisy A simple Tole Daisy and leaf project, using a restricted palette of oil colours.
tole apples Tole Apples - all to do with tonal value and painting rounded surfaces, including shadows. wild roses Basic double-loaded brush stroke work to produce these wild Roses.
strawberries Strawberries are a favourite subject, this picture is taken from a Tole painted black metal shovel. lemons on brown This Tole Lemon project is a another good exercise in painting rounded shapes, with contrast.
Tole painted Daisy and leaves with lemon Simple Tole design with Daisies, Leaves and single Lemon, an easy one to try in oils.
Good blending exercise.
mushrooms Mushrooms are my favourites, not as easy to paint as some designs, but the effective result is worth it!
brown blossoms A decorative almost monochrome design, with emphasis on turned edges and ruffled petals on wood stained background. Anemonies Anemonies painted on 100% rag, 140 lb watercolour paper. It would look different on a dark background!
dimerandra orchid Dimerandra Orchid. This striking orchid works well with Tole and looks good on a dark background. tole rose Double loaded brushes to paint this single Rose and leaves. It would look even better on a dark background.
Lemons on black People find this picture so attractive. Practice and patience are needed to blend projects to satisfaction. pansy flower You need to blend 'with care' using this colour combination to create the ripples in the Pansy petals.

Tole Tea Trays from the 1700 to 1900 on the link.     Wild Rose Tole painting project.    Wet on wet Flower project.
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