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Tole Mushrooms painted using Oil paint.

Tole Mushroom oils on chopping board

  Tole Mushrooms painted with oil paint on a wooden chopping board. To achieve the dark background for the painting, the wood was stained with oil paint and allowed to dry.

Mushrooms, come in all shapes and sizes and are an ideal subject for Tole painting. Plenty of long brush strokes, double and triple loaded with oil colour, plus blending on the cap to portray their texture.

These Tole mushrooms are painted on my well used Beech wood chopping board, painted some seventeen years ago, using Zest-it Clear Painting Medium, then protected with many thin coats of  Zest-it Damar Picture Varnish.

Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1993.

A simple Tole leaf, painted step-by-step can be found on my personal site

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