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About Zest-it® Washaway

Zest-it® Washaway for those who like to clean their Oil painting brushes using water.

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The Zest-it Washaway allows oil paint to be cleaned from brushes and then the brushes rinsed clean with water. It has a light solvent smell, contains no Aromatics or CFC's, classified as non-flammable, has low VOC's and is kinder to the environment.

It is made from the same base product as our other solvents, with added surfactant for emulsifying oil paint and oil or wax media, enabling it to be washed away in an environmentally safe way with water. There is therefore no need to use 'soap and water' or 'washing-up liquid' as a final brush clean-up.

To clean your brushes, wipe excess oil paint from your brushes on newspaper or similar, wash your brushes in Zest-it Washaway until no visible paint shows, work the brush while rinsing with water. After cleaning with Washaway, dry on kitchen towel or a cloth then allow the brushes to 'air-dry' in the normal way.

Ideal for those oil painters who wish to wash their brush to keep in tip-top condition and are concerned with solvent evaporation into the air. Also for those oil painters who paint en-plein-air it makes carrying those 'dirty' oil painting brushes home to be cleaned unnecessary.

Use for cleaning oil paint, oil colour, oil bars, oil pastels and other oil based products, including wax based products from your brushes, palette, painting knives, rollers, equipment and surfaces. Wipe dampened paper towel over the surface then give a final rinse with water or wipe over with a damp cloth. Can also be used for washing painting apron and smocks, painting cloths/rags before re-use.

The Zest-it Washaway has considerable active strength, meaning it is re-usable. After use for brush washing, allow to settle and decant off the clear liquid, this makes it economical in use and less waste-age.

Caution: make sure your oil brushes are properly dry before using again with your oil paint.

Sizes available; 125 ml; 250 ml; 500 ml; 1 Litre; 2.5 Litre and 5 Litre.

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