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Zest-it® Tung Oil Dilutant

This Tung Oil Dilutant can be used to thin the Tung Oil and to clean brushes.

zest-it tung oil dilutant

Zest-it Tung Oil Dilutant



tung oil on wood

This image above from Tung Oil dot co dot uk shows untreated wood on the left and treated wood on the right. The site has plenty of information for those new to Tung Oil. Well worth a visit.





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The Zest-it Tung Oil Dilutant is for use in thinning Zest-it Pure Tung Oil and cleaning brushes after use.

The Tung Oil Dilutant is non-flammable and non-toxic, it evaporates without leaving any residue making it ideal for use on wooden articles. The Tung Oil protects the surface from water, damp, dust and grime, giving a waterproof finish.

Can be added to Pure Tung Oil as a progressive dilution to ensure penetration of the oil into the wood.

Ensure the wood is clean, free from damp and grease, sanding the surface can also help to give a good finish.

To use as a progressive dilution with Tung Oil, this could be an approach.
Dilute the Tung Oil 75/25%, that's 75% of the Dilutant to 25% of Tung Oil. This would be the first coat, with plenty of good drying time in-between coats.
Next could be 50/50 with plenty of drying in-between and the final coat 25% Dilutant and 75% Tung Oil.

Bust applied with a soft haired brush, fine sponge or a cotton cloth, an old tee-shirt would do the job just fine. Always apply in the direction of the grain of the wood, it helps to reduce hard lines.

The oil combination needs to be spread evenly across the surface, but not looking like a lot of wet puddles in a street.

Allow to absorb into the wood which can up to a week or more depending on the working conditions.

It would be probably best to apply 3 or 4 coats if just using as a protective decorative coat. For an article that will have more handling then 4 or 5 or more coats would be better.

Tung Oil can also be used many other surfaces, bamboo, stone, hardwood floors, children's play items, inside or outside.

Our Pure Tung Oil has no VOC or driers and our Tung Oil Dilutant has very low VOC's so complimenting the properties of the Tung Oil.

Tung Oil Dilutant is available in the following sizes:-

125 ml; 250 ml; 500 ml and 1 Litre

If you cannot find it online then try our Zest-it.shop or our combination on EBay


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