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Pansy Flowers
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Blue and Purple Pansies painted wet-on-wet on a grey background.
Pansies painted with Oils wet-on-wet on Canvas 16" x 20"

pansies painted wet-on-wet with oils on canvas

To paint them wet on wet, Zest-it Clear Painting medium was used to 'wet' the canvas, only a thin layer is necessary.
The background was painted using the main colours for the flower painting, well brushed and blended to give an 'out of focus' look to it.

These Pansy flowers were painted with Oil paint using cool blues and purples. Titanium white tinted with the pansy colour was used to add high-lights to the petals of the pansies.The leaves using cool colours of green. This gives the painting an overall cool feel.

Brushes and equipment cleaned with Zest-it Brush Cleaner.

This is a demonstration painting from a workshop, about colour control and shapes.

Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1997

All Artwork Copyright Jacqui Blackman

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