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Lilly Flowers

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Lilly flowers painted wet-on-wet on a black canvas background


Oils painted wet-on-wet on Canvas within a day from fresh Lilly flowers.
The canvas was primed with black gesso, allowed to dry then given a very thin coat of
Zest-it Clear Painting Medium. The leaves were painted first using one-stroke brushes,
with very dark green oil paint and blended.
The buds were painted next, the tonal value of these was important,
otherwise they would have been too bright for the rest of the painting.
The tonal value of the flowers was also important, this gives depth to the flower
and depth to their apparent position in the space.

Gesso, brushes and painting medium can be purchased in our online shop J and T Art and Calligraphy.

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All artwork Jacqui Blackman.


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