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Zest-itŪ Pencil Blend and Blending Coloured Pencils
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Using Zest-itŪ Pencil Blend to blend Coloured Pencils.
The Pencil Blend works with many makes of colour pencil, from our testing we would suggest
Luminance, Prismacolor, Karisma, Polychromos, Derwent; Drawing, Artist and Coloursoft.
Below you will find links to just a few artists who have shared their techniques.


An excellent product review by Amie Howard of Amie Howard Pet Portraits.

Amie talkes about how she was converted to using solvent with her coloured pencils after trying our Zest-it Pencil Blend. She describes how she found working with a solvent, she also gives lots of tips on the skills and techniques she had learnt.

Wind and Honey Creations

Have a look at this blog by Elizabeth Johnson on using Zest-it with her colour pencils for underpainting and blending. She describes her way of using with paper stump, tortillion and a brush. Check out her blog on the above link, well worth a visit.

cherries blended with Zest-it Pencil Blend

color pencil and zentangle by jane monk
Pods by Jane

Tangle with colour added using Zest-itŪ Pencil Blend.
Jane is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and gives two excellent demonstrations of blending Coloured Pencils on Youtube and has kits and information on her studio website.
Copyright Đ Jane Monk 2011

Colour Pencils blended with Zest-it Pencil Blend.

Peter Weatherill has an expansive site on coloured pencils using Zest-it and colour pencils for the underpainting, plus many other technique.
Well worth a visit.


colored pencil applied to paper and blended
Santa hat by Belinda

Apply Coloured Pencil using Zest-itŪ Pencil Blend.

A very nice video clip on Youtube by Belinda Lindhardt showing blending coloured pencil using Zest-itŪ Pencil Blend and cotton wool buds. This is where the Zest-it Blending Sponge comes in so handy, just dip the tip of the cotton bud in and keep working.

You may also find this page of interest, Blending Coloured Pencils on Parchment

Blending Coloured Pencils is a page on my own website an in-depth insight into using Pencil Blend to blend coloured pencils.

colour pencil blend

portraits using zest-it

An excellent tutorial.

A Step by Step Tutorial by Karen Hull of a "Portrait in Coloured Pencils and Zest-it" A detailed PDF with lots of help and information.

Our thanks to Karen for using our product and for producing these 26 pages of guided instruction.


Hints and Tips

The Blending Sponge was developed to allow control over the quantity of Zest-it Pencil Blend soaked up by the brush, cotton bud or tortillion.
Depending how hard you press on the sponge, depends how much liquid you get.

The sponge holds 15 ml of Zest-it Pencil Blend, keep closed when not in use and 'top-up' as required. Back to Products or Zest-it Pencil Blend

blending sponge Zest-ti Blending sponge

pencil blend Original Pencil Blend

Zest-it Pencil Blend is an excellent solvent for blending coloured pencils, it also works just as well for wax pencils, oil pastels, crayons, oil bars and graphite.

Many pencil artists choose it because of its excellent blending qualities, its pleasent smell and because it leave no residue on the paper. Its economical in use and a safer solvent then odourless mineral spirit or similar solvent.

As always when using solvents have 'safety sense', have good ventilation, keep away from children and wash your hand. Back to Products or Zest-it Pencil Blend

Pencil Blend (Citrus Free) is just the same as the original Pencil Blend but without the 'orange element', it therefore has a very mild 'solventy' smell without any citrus notes. Its blending qualities are excellent and it leaves no residue of itself on or in the paper. It has a lower price than the original and can be posted internationally.

In use with a brush, it has a 'feel' that is a little less 'silky' than the original. As always when using solvents have 'safety sense', have good ventilation, keep away from children and wash your hands after use
Back to Products or Zest-it Pencil Blend
pencil blend citrus free

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