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How to use the Zest-it Artists Hand Cleaner to remove Oil paint from your hands.

zest-it artists hand cleaner

Zest-it Artists Hand Cleaner 85 gm.

zest-it hand cleaner
Amount to use.

Our Artists Hand Cleaner removes oil paint, pastel, varnish and acrylic from the hands without any harsh, abrasive or drying effects, leaving the skin soft and supple.

It has a Cosmetic Certificate and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is hand-made with Orange peel powder, organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Essential Oils to gently but thoroughly remove Oil paint from the hands, leaving them supple, smooth and conditioned.

To use: - take a small 'hazelnut' sized amount and work/rub well into your oil covered dry and dirty hands, it's important not to wet the hands before working in the hand cleaner.
Then add a few drops of water to create a lather, work the lather into the hands in the normal way, then rinse and dry. (As with all soap - avoid contact with eyes).

This product was two years in development and had 12 months of testing by art and craft professionals, all were very happy with the results in that - it gently cleans the hands of oil paint, was kind and helpful to the skin, was long lasting and 'does what it says on the pot'.

Available in 85 gm and 150 gm sizes.

Update:- Unfortunatley the company that makes our soap base has decided to close down following changes within its industry and quote 'EU red tape', therefore production of the Artists Hand Cleaner also ceased in December 2011. We have however established a new hand soap and complimentry hand lotion, these will be in the retails shops from Spring onwards of 2012.

Use this link for the new Artists Hand Soap and this for the Artists Hand Lotion

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Where to purchase Zest-it Artists Hand Cleaner - Simply Reborn, Pegasus Art, Rosemary and Co Brushes,
or ArtDiscount these companies may still have stock.

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